Vacation anyone?

I need a vacation. Not a family vacation. Not an exotic
trip or anything so interesting. I just want to be alone for a while. I want to
go to the bathroom and not have little fingers wiggling under the door attached
to a little person asking when I am coming out. I would really like to consider
going out to dinner a luxurious treat, not the fact that I am going to the
grocery store alone. Maybe I have a touch of burnout? The last time I went
somewhere alone (stores don’t count) was a few MONTHS ago. That is too long.
Here is what I am thinking. A weekend. Just a weekend. A hotel with room service
and a big comfy bed would be heaven. Oh yes, and a phone whose ringer can be
turned off would seal the deal. I don’t want to do much. Just take a nap if I
want to. Sleep late. Watch something on tv that is not animated, doesn’t sing
silly songs and there are no people in animal costumes. I’ll bring a book and my
comfy blanket and my softest most comfortable pj’s. (And I won’t get out of them
unless I am taking a hot bubble bath!) Ahhh, sounds so heavenly. But reality
calls. I hear the Diva asking for the Wiggles, so my little hotel fantasy will
have to wait. But hopefully not for long! This mama needs a break!
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Code Blue…

My Game Cube tried to commit suicide today. I think it was having
abandonment issues since the boys went back to school. There was a power surge
this afternoon when Kidlet Jr was playing that would normally just cause a
hiccup in the game, but the GC took the opportunity to climb on the ledge of the
electronic high rise. I tried to talk to talk it down. I promised that I would
let the boys play in the afternoon for a while. No go. I promised that I would
let them play on the weekends even if it was nice outside and I wanted to send
them outside to play. Not even a tiny “power-on” flicker of a light. Finally, I
convinced it to work because I told it that I would let the Diva play Finding
Nemo during the day. I guess that worked. The power light flickered on briefly
and then came back strong. Crisis averted.
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Coding…sort of

After a few
years with someone, you get to know the hidden meanings behind their words.
After being with my Geek-Man for more than half of my life, we have come up with
our own code. (No, not the kind where we hid under the blankets with our
flashlights and came up with a secret code book.) There are just certain phrases
or words that really mean something entirely different than what you hear. Don’t
all couples have this? To illustrate, here are some of our codes: “Just so you
know” really means: This is how it is going to be and I am telling you so that
you can’t say you didn’t know about it later on. (Sidenote: there is no
discussion when a conversation starts with “just so you know”) “In case you were
wondering” means: You should’ve asked about this, but since you haven’t, I am
going to tell you. (Sidenote: Usually this is said in a rather sarcastic tone so
that the recipient knows that (s)he is in trouble.) “Wanna snuggle?” means:
Wanna have sex? (said by the male) “I just wanna snuggle.” means: You’re not
getting sex. (said by the female) “Does this make me look fat?”(or other
variations of that question spoken by the woman) means: I feel insecure and you
need to tell me I look good. “Wow. You sure have been working hard” (usually
used when the other person has been outside working in the heat or has been
exercising) means: You really need to go take a shower. And the all time
favorite: “Yes, dear.” means: Whatever you say because I am really not listening
but I don’t want to get into trouble by admitting that. I would share more, but
couples need some secrets, right? What about you? Do you have a code, too? (And
don’t you dare answer me with “Yes, dear!”)
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I’ve realized
this week that I really do appreciate my girlfriends (usually referred to here
as The Moms). Of course, there are the usual reasons that we all appreciate our
friends, but this week, I am just so thankful that they listen. Well, maybe it
would be more accurate to say I am thankful because they let me talk. (They
don’t even have to listen most of the time.) Let’s face it, most men are not
equipped to listen for as long as we women can talk nor do they have the ability
to just let us talk at great lenghts unless there are several points made and
facts given. I think that perhaps their heads might actually implode if they
tried. Take for instance My Geek-Man. Once on a long trip when I had probably
been talking way too much and he had probably lost the ability to just let his
eyes glaze over and merely nod when I pause, he actually said these words to me,
“You know, dear (Sidenote: “Dear” is never good. It means: ‘I am using this term
of endearment because what I am really about to say is going to piss you off’.)
You tend to talk a lot and use many words, but rarely do you actually say
anything.” He did get a sharp punch to the arm, in case were wondering. But he
was right. (Don’t tell him I said that, though. I will deny it!) I can talk. A
lot. So, I am very thankful to my girlfriends for listening (or pretending to)
because this week, I did a lot of talking. And crying. So even though I am not
always sure how to make friends with women, I sure am thankful to the ones I
have (and the new ones I am making!) Because, I for one, am not really into the
idea of watching my husband’s head implode.
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Imagine my suprise…

Imagine my surprise this morning when I stumbled into the office with my first
cup of coffee (okay, say it with me ahhhhhhh) to catch up on some of my favorite
blogs when I saw that Allison has me as a featured site. (Thanks Allison!) It
was a nice surprise, though. Not one of those “spit out your coffee all over
your monitor” things. So, if you have stumbled here from her javalicious site,
welcome to this caffeinated Mom’s blog. Coffee Moms Unite!
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Can you see me now?

A friend told me that my template wasn’t looking right. That the “about me”
stuff was overlapping the blog entries and making them very hard to try to read.
Eeek! If you see it this way (or any problems with the blog), could you email me
or comment me to let me know. I can’t see it that way on my system, so really,
if it looks that way, I am not even sure how to fix it anyway. So, consider this
my official “shout-out” for your help if you see things messed up. Thanks!
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Mission accomplished…

The following is a Public Service Announcement: Given
that I have whined and moped about the first day of school, it is pretty much a
given that I will update that paritcular mental obsession first. If you are
completely over it and don’t want to hear about it, check back later. I am sure
my focus will have changed by then. I do tend to be an ADD blogger.) We now
return you to our regularly scheduled blog. I did it! I got them dropped off at
school and did the whole PTA coffee and meeting with no tears…well, none that
the kidlets saw. (And really, it was more like “watery eyes” than tears. So I
will call it a “tear-free” day.) Okay, so I said that ” I dropped them off”, but
it is more like I said goodbye to Kidlet Sr. who is a fourth grader and didn’t
need me to come with him, so he just took off on his bike with his friends with
hardly a wave back. (Sidenote: Why is it that a sign that you are doing a good
job as a parent usually involves the kids moving in a direction away from you
with not even a look back?) Kidlet Jr wanted me to drive him rather than him
having to ride his bike. Not because he wanted me to be there with him. Oh no,
not something so touching as that. He didn’t want his helmet to mess up his
hair. Touching, isn’t it. So I took Kidlet Jr to his second grade class, asked
one of The Moms to look in on Kidlet Sr and make sure all was well, and then
went to the PTA coffee. Luckily, I sat beside a Mom who has a daughter the
Diva’s age so they could talk really loudly in their 2 yr old speak, laugh &
giggle, and pull books off of the shelf together. I pretty much had to keep the
attitude of “I’ll smile and look apologetic, but they will both be here for all
the meetings, so get used to the noise, ladies.” (Is that too bitchy an
attitude? I did have a smile, remember.) It wasn’t until I got home, heard the
silence, saw the silent gameroom and did not trip over any toys that I
realized– fully realized– that school has started. I don’t have to referree
any arguments before my morning coffee. I might actually see The Today show if I
want to. That new magazine that I can’t wait to read that came in the mail in
JUNE might actually get read. In fact, I think I am going to go have another cup
of coffee and wander my mostly-empty house. I have to admit, this may not be too
bad after all. In fact, I just may take a nap today after the Margaritas with
The Moms. Lord knows I could use one after my late-night ‘first day of school’
jitters. Now, let’s just hope the Diva wants to take one too.
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