Rivet & Sway Review – Buying prescription glasses has never been so cool & easy! (And inexpensive with this 20% off code!)

Rivet & Sway Choice #2

I’ve worn glasses since I was in junior high. And if you do the math, that was a few years ago. *ahem* I wasn’t a fan because there really weren’t any cute frames at the time. I also played sports and hated wearing my glasses.  Let’s face it, add to…

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Hey BlogHer12 – This is mah face! Also known as do not pretend you don’t know me because now you’ve read this and you do.

So there is a fun series of blog posts going around so that BlogHer attendees can maybe recognize a face in among the 4000 other women there. So, I am all about jumping in for a good cause. That cause being I don’t want people to ignore me. And, so…

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