Ready? Set? Clue time for the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt!


Here is how we play:

1. There are 7 bloggers participating in the Hunt and the goal of the game is to find those 7 bloggers through clues on each of those seven blogs.

2. After you find a blog leave a comment for the blogger, give them a compliment or just say, “Found you!”

3. At the last blog there will be a final clue as to what the mom site is.

4. Once you find that final mom website you need to join that site (it’s not a trap, or an e-mail harvesting thing, it’s a fun site) and then email ME at with a list of all seven blogs, plus the name of the mom site.

5. The first player to complete all of the above wins a great gift bag, including a beautiful Love/Joy freshwater pearl necklace and earrings.

Four runners up also win gift bags and there are also prizes for 10 players through a random drawing. Yes, a total of 15 prize packages!

Prize packages include amazing prizes from: Orville Redenbacher (popcorn and popcorn bowls); Rice Krispies (wonderful treat kits);  handcrafted jewelry; handcrafted bags; and more!

6. The contest begins today, Monday, November 17th, 2008 and it ends on Friday, November 21st, 2008 and winners will be announced on Monday, November 24th, 2008.

Hurry, though the first person to complete the Hunt wins the grand prize!

(If you think you know it and you don’t find the next clue, keep checking frequently as the sites are putting up clues as we speak):

Now?  Are you ready?

In order to find your first blog (of 7) in this scavenger hunt, you must pay attention to the clue. Some clues are easy, some not so much.  Here is your first clue.

This mom blogger is super busy between taking kids to volleyball and soccer and twittering but you may be able to find her chatting around the watercooler or writing on one of her other blogs. She’s been around the blogosphere longer than many but still keeps it fresh.  I don’t know how she does it!  It must be the fact she is fueled by caffeine.

Find the blog and let’s get started!

[Remember:  I am the starting point. I am not blog #1.  However, I am leading you to Blog #1.   Let me know you found the starting point so we know you are off and playing!]

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  1. starting this.. I found #1.

  2. How fun! I’m off to hunt…

  3. ok. found you.

  4. Found you, I think… LOL

  5. Fun stuff!

  6. Got ya!!

  7. I’m off!

  8. Found you via Rocks in My Dryer (via Twitter). :-)

  9. oh, how fun!

  10. Found you!

  11. Why not? I’ll give it a whirl.

  12. Love your header. Here I go.

  13. Found #1!

  14. Off I go!…Whoo

  15. Found you – love the header!

  16. So, I totally think I won, but no one has conceded yet.

  17. ooh this is going to be fun!

  18. here we go…

  19. Starting. Neat idea!

  20. Found #1

  21. I’m off!

  22. Let’s begin…

  23. Sounds fun

  24. I’m off

  25. Sounds like fun!

  26. i’m starting…off to hunt!

  27. Starting!

  28. Love scavenger hunts!

  29. sounds like fun!

  30. If you can’t show up on time, just show up – that’s my motto, lol. I’m off!

  31. I’m in! Here we go!

  32. I’ll give it a try.

  33. Found you!

  34. I love a challenge and this looks like its going to be one! Here I go…

  35. How fun. I’ve never done something like this. I’m off to see if I can figure it out.

  36. Ok, I found all the blogs but you have to write a blog to join the last site. {sniff sniff}

  37. I’m game.

  38. Oh crud…yes you can…I’m a goober…sorry!

  39. And….here I go! :)

  40. Found You!!! Let the games begin!

  41. Found you! :)

  42. This going to be fun…and a way we go!

  43. Found you!

  44. Fun!

  45. Here’s goes nothin’!

  46. I’m in!

  47. I’ve found the 7 blogs, but can’t figure out the new website…will keep trying.

  48. I’m starting in too :)

  49. Starting!

  50. I’m off…

  51. This will be fun. I’ve never been in a real hunt before.
    Just the missing sock hunt we have each week at our house.

  52. Found Ya!

  53. Found you and starting off…

  54. Okay, I am IN!

  55. i also found all 7 blogs, but can’t find the final site. Will keep trying

  56. Ok I am in and now off to find that 1st website.

  57. here we go!

  58. Yay! Found you… onto the next mom.

  59. Starting, off to blog #1!

  60. I’m headed to seek!

  61. Good Times! #1 Here I am!

  62. This is strange. I came in at the middle. I found 3-5 and then decided to start at the beginning. Did someone say we had to do this in order?

  63. I found you :)

  64. on my way

  65. On my way!

  66. I’m hunting! :)

  67. found you!

  68. FOund you!

  69. giving it a shot!

  70. Brenda Smith says:

    found you

  71. Found you!

  72. Found you

  73. momma25girlz says:

    Found you! Thanks for the fun!

  74. i’m here! what fun!

  75. As if I need another reason to be on the computer. ;-)

  76. I love this!!!!! I feel like a kid on Christmas!

  77. I am playing. Looks like I am starting a bit late.

  78. Found spot #1

  79. Looks like people are winning already, but I’m off to try anyway.

  80. So cool, wish I’d seen this much earlier.

  81. Off I go! This sounds fun!


  82. Found #1!

  83. I really don’t have time for this, but find myself powerless to resist.

  84. THIS IS WAY COOL>>>>

  85. Giving this a try…

  86. So do we get another hint if we’re totally stumped by #1? :) I started at #3 and found all the rest, but your clue is too hard! I’m too new to the whole blogosphere thing to know who the “popular” kids are!

  87. What a great idea…I’ll give it a try!

  88. I’m off hunting!

  89. This sounds like fun!

  90. found you!

  91. Fun!

  92. I found you and am playing along!

  93. okeedokey! sounds fun!

  94. Off and running/searching! :)

  95. Found you! Ready, set, go!

  96. I’m in.

  97. I’ve already stumbled across 2 of the bloggers so count me in!

  98. Ok, I’m in!

  99. Ready, set, go!

  100. Oh, the laundry will wait….

  101. Going on a hunt!

  102. Ok, I’m going to give it a try! Better late than never – random prizes are good too :-)

  103. Ok Im leaving late, but off I go!

  104. Starting here!

  105. This sounds fun. Thanks

  106. I think this is a great idea and I’m trying! I have blogs 3 though 7 but can’t find number 1! I’ll keep trying!

  107. Starting the search

  108. Hey, I’m a little late to the party, but I’ll give it a try. I love scavenger hunts!

  109. Found the starting line & I’m off!

  110. Found you and I’m off to hunt!!

  111. I can’t find #1, I’m new to the bloggy world!

  112. amy sanders says:

    found you

  113. And I’m off.

  114. Found you and I am off.

  115. found you

  116. Here goes nothing…

  117. Ok, a little late…But I’m off!

  118. Here I go!

  119. I found you through Shannon at Rocks. I’m playing!

  120. Yay – what fun! I’m off to find #1!

  121. What a fun idea! I love this!!

  122. found you and Im off tofin dthe rest :)

  123. found you

  124. Oh dear, I’m being sucked in….

  125. how fun!

  126. Hope I’m not too late.

  127. I found the first one, I’m a bit late : )

  128. Good Grief! I found you…

  129. Just found out about this, found you!

  130. I had to come back to find you…started on stop #3. What fun!

  131. so I am off on a scavenger hunt :o)

  132. here I go…at midnite!

  133. on to site #1. I’m in this late, but will still try.

  134. giving it a go – thanks for getting us started!

  135. Found you!

  136. And I’m off…

  137. Is it too late to play? I love a good hunt…

  138. Surely it’s not too late to play … I’m off!

  139. It’s late in the game, but it’s a game and I must play!

  140. I found #1 because I read her all the time.

  141. starting point

  142. Found you, the 7 blogs, and the final blog. Cue Rocky theme.

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